Signal Processing Activities in India: Past, Present, Future

The 50th edition of ICASSP being held for the first time in India will showcase Signal Processing Activities carried out in India over several decades. The following team will be responsible:


  • Prof Vasudev K Aatre, Mentor
  • Prof S C Dutta Roy, Mentor
  • Prof Surendra Prasad, Mentor
  • Prof B Yegnanarayana, Mentor
  • Prof Arogyaswami Paulraj, Mentor


  • Prof Vikram M Gadre, Chair (Academic Institutions)
  • Dr K Maheswara Reddy, Chair (R&D Institutions)
  • Mr. Harish Mysore, Chair (Industry)


  • Dr Sooraj Ambat, NPOL
  • Dr. Arun Kumar KP, NPOL
  • Dr Jayakumar Singaram
  • Dr V V Krishna Reddy, Verisilicon

We seek the help and support of volunteers to expand the team.