The Signal Processing Society has the Technical Committees (TCs) and the Technical Working Groups (TWGs) listed below that all support a broad selection of signal processing-related activities associated with specific areas of study within the signal processing field.

Individuals with similar technical interests convene within Technical Committees, which offer opportunities for networking and developing strong community ties. Technical Committees are actively involved in awards, conferences, publications and educational activities. The Technical Committee members are responsible for the reviewing of papers submitted to ICASSP 2025.

  • Applied Signal Processing Systems: Brian Telfer (Chair)
  • Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing: Shoko Araki (Chair)
  • Bio Imaging and Signal Processing: Mathews Jacob (Chair)
  • Computational Imaging: Justin Haldar (Chair)
  • Image, Video, and Multidimensional Signal Processing: Chang Wen Chen (Chair)
  • Information Forensics and Security: Zekeriya Erkin (Chair)
  • Machine Learning for Signal Processing: Wenwu Wang (Chair)
  • Multimedia Signal Processing: Giuseppe Valenzise (Chair)
  • Sensor Array and Multichannel: Maria Sabrina Greco (Chair)
  • Signal Processing for Communications and Networking: Waheed Bajwa (Chair)
  • Signal Processing Theory and Methods: Cédric Richard (Chair)
  • Speech and Language Processing: Yifan Gong (Chair)